Real time
Device Simulator & Tester

Test sites on multiple devices in one tab. Improve development, UI/UX, & QA with live previews.

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Enhance projects with
Advanced Device Simulation

Color Scheme

Change the color scheme of the device to match your app's theme.

Device Simulation

Test your app on multiple devices in one tab.


Use presets to quickly switch between devices.

Scroll Sync

Scroll on one device and see the other devices scroll in sync.

Scroll to Selector

Synchonize scrolling to a specific element on all devices.

Sync Navigation

Navigate to a new page on one device and see the other devices follow.

Explore the depths of your

  • Versatile Playground

    Explore a comprehensive workspace equipped with tools like drag-and-drop, device manipulation, zooming, and full-screen mode for enhanced development ease.

  • Unified Interaction

    Interact seamlessly across multiple devices with synced scrolling, clicks, and inputs for efficient testing and debugging.

  • Simulated Scenarios

    Conveniently simulate various scenarios, including color schemes, element outlines, and quick navigation to specific sections for comprehensive website testing.